Salvo EO produces infrared (IR) materials for use in photonic applications.  Materials that include but are not limited to Germanium, Silicon and Zinc Sulfide are grown, shaped, polished, coated, and assembled into products across multiple industries.  Components produced range from Plano to Spherical Lenses to prisms and even Aspheric optics.  Large plates up to 30 inches are routinely made and tight tolerances on transmitted wavefront, surface figure, and parallelism are held at industry best.  From medical endoscopy products to security and defense lenses Salvo EO also produces a wide range of products using IR Materials.

Salvo EO produces a wide range of precision optics including optical lenses, optical mirrors, optical flats, optical filters, beamsplitters, polarization optics, optical windows, and prisms from the UV through the IR.  In addition, optomechanical parts are also produced in house to optical tolerances.  Both processes use state-of-the-art methods and the newest CNC machining techniques.  With precision and accuracy at the top of the list of importance Salvo EO can meet the most difficult system challenges.

Salvo EO provides optical design, manufacturing, and assembly services.  Salvo EO works hand in hand with customers to design products built for manufacturing, durability, and repeatable/reliable results.  Eyepieces, lens objective, prism assemblies, light engine assemblies, LED drivers and spectroscopy/imaging systems are designed and manufactured in house.  From concept to high volume production Salvo EO can help every step of the way.

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