Salvo EO, a division of Salvo Technologies (, is a US based manufacturer that serves the global optical component and assembly markets.  All offerings are designed and manufactured in strict compliance with mil standards and utilize best in class processes.  Founded on the principals of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing while integrating the latest in automation and high efficiency technology Salvo EO is a premier supplier to many Teir I prime contractors, fortune 100 and other large organizations worldwide.  Product lines include Electro-Optical components and Assemblies including fire control optics. In addition Salvo EO can provide Sensing and Imaging Platforms including lenses.  Salvo EO is ITAR and AS 9100 Registered.

Salvo EO has a state of the art manufacturing facility in Seminole Florida as well as offshore manufacturing in Asia. Capabilities across all facilities include large capacity Haas CNC machines for precision metal components, large area planetary polishers (72” with 24” working space), CNC and spindle polishers with working capacity of up to 22” and capability to produce asphere optics. Large cleanroom with class 100 work areas. Optical thin film coating equipment including Ion Assisted PVD, Ion Beam Sputter Systems that can produce UV, VIS and IR coatings as well as metallic coatings and ITO. Opto-Align optical alignment stands for precision assemblies such as eye pieces, objectives and zoom assemblies as well as camera lenses, fire control optics and binoculars.

By combining excellence in design and manufacturing Salvo EO streamlines the development and production cycle by vertically integrating the supply chain. Utilizing design for manufacturability with precision-machined optical and opto-mechanical solutions and world class assembly Salvo EO is a go to designer and manufacturer for photonic solutions worldwide. Salvo EO designs and produces for the medical, consumer, military, security and aerospace markets. Whether upgrading obsolescent payloads or specifying new mission critical EO packages our engineering department is able to process your requests quickly.  Our team enjoys new challenges presented by our customers and is able to meet these challenges by employing a highly skilled workforce trained for quick turnaround setups and continuous production improvements.  Please contact us to discuss your options today.