Salvo EO utilizes all the resources in the Salvo Technologies family of companies to create novel solutions through design and manufacturing. If you have any questions or would like to know more about these processes or any of the technology available please contact a sales engineer.

SWIR Thin Film Coatings

Salvo EO has developed a process to create wide band SWIR coatings for the changing SWIR market. Short Wave Infrared or SWIR imaging has typically been based on sensors that are able to sense energy from 900-1700nm. However as manufacturers get thinner and thinner InGaAs substrates the cameras are able to image down to 500nm or below. This creates a challenge for lens designers and manufacturers alike. Salvo EO has developed processes to allow great on axis transmission through this entire spectral range with wide band SWIR Thin Film Coatings.

Optical Chemical Bonding

Salvo EO has developed and produces optically contacted optics through a chemical bonding process. This technique allows for the optical contacting of dissimilar materials. Whether its different optical glasses, different coating materials or metal to glass these processes open up a completely new design space for engineers. In addition the process saves space in compact designs and allows for more durable solutions.

Diamond Turned Optics

Salvo EO produces IR Optics and is able to provide diamond turned substrates for use in many of the IR solutions today. In addition diamond turning allows for quick run prototypes or small lot quantity without extremely high setup fees. Flat, spherical and asphere components can be produced in a wide range of IR materials. In addition other materials, such as metals and glass can be diamond turned.

COTS Optics and Solutions

In an effort to help our customers during the design phase Salvo EO stocks a large variety of off the shelf optics and products. Conveniently organized in an online marketplace users can search and select various stock items. If the item is not quite what you are looking for the team at Salvo EO can also modify COTS optics that are found in our store or anyone else’s. From changing a diameter to truncating an off the shelf optic that is close but not exactly what is needed Salvo EO can help customers save time and money by using readily available optics.

Specialty Crystals and Specialty Glass

Salvo EO also produces components, assemblies and optical solutions with specialty crystals and exotic materials. Laser gain media such as Ylf, YAG and Vanadate are routine sourced, shaped, polished and coated and assembled into diodes and other sub-assemblies. In addition ballistic materials such as spinel are routinely shaped, polished and coated for us in harsh environments. From these common material to more exotic materials Salvo EO is capable of producing optical components, assemblies and solutions utilizing today’s most challenging materials and specialty glasses.

Plastic and Polymer Optical Products

Polymer optics allow lightweight designs without compromising optical quality. For small quantities our team can diamond turn the plastic or if needed these plastic optics can be molded for mass production.   Standard optical materials such as CR39 and PS-PMMA can be made into precision optical solutions including spherical and aspherical lenses. This exciting new line of products opens up a completely new design space for our customers.