Salvo EO produces infrared (IR) materials for use in photonics applications.  Materials that include but are not limited to Germanium, Silicon and Zinc Sulfide are grown, shaped, polished, coated, and assembled into products across multiple industries.  Components produced range from Plano to Spherical Lenses to prisms and even Aspheric optics.  Large plates up to 30 inches are routinely made and tight tolerances on transmitted wavefront, surface figure, and parallelism are held at industry best.  From medical endoscopy products to security and defense lenses Salvo EO also produces a wide range of products using IR Materials.



Germanium windows and lenses are great options for a wide range of IR applications providing high transmission from 3 to 12 µm. Salvo Technologies regularly manufactures Germanium components from 6mm to 300mm dimensions meeting ¼ lambda flatness with surface finishes <40-20 S-D. All Germanium components can be offered with or without BBAR coating tailored per your application needs. Contact Salvo for additional information

Salvo technologies regularly produces Monocrystalline Silicon (Si) components. Silicon components can be great transmitters or reflectors depending on product application. Silicon is low density and is a high thermal material. This makes it a great option for a laser application or to help reduce weight in a system. Salvo can supply SI components which can reach precision surface requirements such as 10-5 S-D, 1/10wave (@632.8nm), and <10 angstroms surface roughness in a range of dimensional sizes from 6-300mm.

Zinc Sulfide

Zinc Sulfide components are a great option for applications that work in the visible, mid-wave, or long-wave infrared systems. ZnS is a multispectral material with a low absorption transmission range of 0.4 to 12um. Broadband coating options are available to meet a wide range of application requirements. Salvo technologies can produce ZnS plates from 500mm to 6mm diameters meeting precision surface tolerances down to 1/10 lambda and 20-10 S-D.